Anna Moon Releases First Three Songs Off Upcoming Album

Anna Moon has released three singles from her upcoming debut album today. The three tracks, “XXX,” “Mr. Valentine,” and “Cry” were all co-written by the Atlanta native along with husband, Niko Moon and producer, Jamie Kenney. Listen to the HERE.

With a sound that nods to her love of jazz and artists like Billie Holiday, Moon effortlessly merges in her other love, modern pop and hip-hop, in a way that takes listeners on a ride that is both powerful and gentle, graceful and bold.

“I am so excited to release XXX, Mr. Valentine and Cry!,” exclaimed Moon. “I’ve worked so hard to make each of these songs what they are and I truly look forward to setting them free. I chose these three as I feel like they are a total representation of what my upcoming album will be…some songs leaning more modern pop, whilst others leaning more jazz in influence. Both sides being equally important to me in creating this music.”