Anna Moon has a striking string of letters tattooed across her knuckles: ELEGANCE. But the sophisticated word is inked not in some equally refined script, but in the jarring street font of graffiti. And it’s that juxtaposition – the grace with the grit – that sums up the mysterious new pop artist with a jazzy flare.

To see Anna in a studio or on a stage is to witness an artist in complete control. With a sound that nods to Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse and marries hip-hop beats with a pop sensibility, Anna commands any room. Her music and sound are of her own … unique, contradictory, complex, feminine, masculine, but cohesive.  Like the most telling tattoo on her body – a woman’s hands controlling two marionettes – it is Anna who is always pulling the strings.

“I’m in charge of everything you’re seeing, everything you’re feeling,” says the singer, whose personal style hearkens back to the age of mystery, perplexity and imagery. “I want to create an imaginary world where duality is the motif.”

But there’s more than a seductive image to Anna: the Atlanta native possesses a hypnotic, versatile voice, one that can croon, coo or cry as the song dictates.  She does all of those things on her mesmerizing debut album, produced by Jamie Kenney, due out later this year. A collection of 12 original songs written by Anna, Kenney and her husband and collaborator Niko Moon, the record establishes the 24-year-old as today’s new must-hear vocalist.