Brandon Ratcliff unveils new project titled “Uncovered” – a deep dive into his musical influences through the reimagining of three iconic tracks.    
To kick off the project, Brandon releases a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Rhiannon” AVAILABLE NOW.

Listen to “Rhiannon” HERE
“Rhiannon was a song I remember my mom playing early on in my childhood. I specifically gravitated towards Lindsey Buckingham – he changed the way I thought about guitarists and how you can play a guitar,” says Brandon. “I wanted to put guitar hooks like his into all of my own songs.” 
As a country artist, Brandon Ratcliff has a sound all his own, pulling influence not only from the heroes of his southern roots, but from the R&B, rock, pop, and bluegrass artists his Grammy-winning mother – Suzanne Cox of the Cox Family bluegrass group – filled the house with throughout his childhood. She knew the more varied the influence, the more interesting the sound, and Brandon’s music is a true reflection of that.

“Uncovered” is an ode to that ideology and a deep dive into how Brandon became the artist he is today. 
Throughout the course of this project, Brandon will revisit and cover three iconic tracks that were imperative to his formation and affected him for different reasons.
This first release,  Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac , inspired Brandon with its unique guitar licks.
The second release, coming April 17th will be “Living For The City” by Stevie Wonder – picked for the feeling and soul infused in the track that has found its way into Brandon’s own music. 
The third release, coming May 22nd will be “Forget About It” by Alison Krauss – the very personal track was selected for the vocal ability of Alison’s, that Brandon has been around since he was born.  
Each of these covers will be available on streaming services everywhere.
In addition to covering the song, Brandon will also dig into the history of each track – where it was written, who wrote it, and why – and look at why these songs had such an impact on the little kid growing up in Cotton Valley, Louisiana.  
 Brandon’s cover of “Rhiannon” is AVAILABLE TODAY.