Brandon Ratcliff will visit 8 local markets for 8 live shows with Sofar Sounds – the music startup that curates intimate, live performances around the world.

Throughout the month of March, Monument recording artist Brandon Ratcliff will visit 8 different cities across America with Sofar Sounds, bringing his music directly to fans in their own communities. Kicking off the run in Phoenix, AZ, Ratcliff will play a series of secret shows in local, intimate, and unexpected venues. With a dedicated following, Sofar Sounds strives to create an immersive experience that brings fans and artists closer together. Ratcliff is thrilled to share his music through this cutting-edge platform that engages music lovers in new and authentic ways.

“I can’t wait to get out on the road and share my music with the passionate audiences Sofar Sounds has built,” says Brandon. “To perform my songs in this unique way will be such a great chance to connect with fans across the country.”

Brandon’s debut track, “Rules of Breaking Up” garnered 15 million streams in just 12 weeks, and his follow-up,  “Number In My Phone,” was released last month. Check out Brandon’s acoustic version of “Rules of Breaking Up” here.

Brandon Ratcliff Sofar Sounds Cities

March 2nd Phoenix, AZ // SIGN UP

March 6th Denver, CO // SIGN UP

March 13th Chicago, IL // SIGN UP

March 15th Dallas, TX // SIGN UP

March 17th Philadelphia, PA // SIGN UP

March 19th Washington, DC // SIGN UP

March 24th New York City // SIGN UP

March 26th Boston, MA // SIGN UP

About Sofar Sounds:

Sofar Sounds reimagines the live event experience through curated, secret performances in more than 400 cities around the world. Founded in London in 2009, Sofar brings guests and artists together in unique locations, without the distractions that plague other live events. Sofar shows begin as a secret: guests sign on for three unnamed performances at undisclosed locations, hosted by community members in everyday spaces — from living rooms and rooftops, to retail stores. Through the transformation of these spaces into captivating venues, Sofar serves as a platform for artists to connect with engaged audiences in cities around the world. Sofar invites guests to discover new artists, spaces, people, neighborhoods and cities, whether at home or abroad, creating an inclusive and accessible global community where people make genuine connections.

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