Caitlyn Smith Releases New Music With Starfire Vinyl For Record Store Day On April 21

Caitlyn Smith announced via social media an exclusive Deluxe Edition vinyl release of her debut album Starfire featuring two new songs. The vinyl album available this Saturday, April 21 for Record Store will feature unreleased tracks “Breakfast in the Afternoon” and “If I Didn’t Love You.”

“When I recorded Starfire, I knew I also wanted it to be available on vinyl,” said Smith. “I love these two songs so much. My songs are like my babies. When they didn’t make it on the album, I thought they deserved something extra special so we saved them for this release. ‘If I Didn’t Love You’ is actually my favorite song to perform live so I’m glad fans will be able to take it home with them now.”

Check your neighborhood independent local record store to see if they have Starfire. Go to for more information on Record Store Day.

Starfire is available everywhere now:

Starfire Deluxe Vinyl Track List
Unit 01:
Side A
1. “Before You Called Me Baby” (Matt Jenkins/Caitlyn Smith)
2. “Do You Think About Me” (Caitlyn Smith/Rollie Gaalswyk/Jeremy Lardani)
3. “Starfire” (Caitlyn Smith/Blair Daly/Steven Lee Olsen)
4. “East Side Restaurant” (Caitlyn Smith/Paul Moak/Gordie Sampson)

Side B
1. “Don’t Give Up on My Love” (Caitlyn Smith)
2. “This Town Is Killing Me” (Caitlyn Smith/Paul Moak/Gordie Sampson)
3. “St. Paul” (Caitlyn Smith/Luke Dick/Troy Verges)
4. “Tacoma” (Bob DiPiero/Caitlyn Smith)

Unit 02:
Side A
1. “Scenes from a Corner Booth at Closing Time on a Tuesday” (Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero)
2. “Contact High” (Caitlyn Smith/Sarah Buxton/Kate York)
3. “House of Cards” (Caitlyn Smith/Aimee Mayo)
4. “Cheap Date” (Caitlyn Smith/Jonathan Green/Gordie Sampson)

Side B
1. “If I Didn’t Love You” (Caitlyn Smith/Gordie Sampson/Troy Verges)
2. “Breakfast in the Afternoon” (Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero)

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