Caitlyn Smith’s ‘Starfire’ Out January 19th


Caitlyn Smith is on the rise with a debut release, Starfire, that is burning bright and capturing attention and accolades.

Her Monument Records release, which is due on January 19, 2018, is the culmination of years spent writing for other artists including James Bay, John Legend, and Meghan Trainor, before finding her own voice and expressing what she wanted to say as an artist in her own right. Admired for her ability to whirl pure emotion into unforgettable tracks, Starfire, is a raw, visceral journey about love, hardship, and the struggle to pave your own way – all anchored by her unforgettable vocals.

Elle enthused, “Singer-songwriter Caitlyn Smith burns brightly.”

“With a voice that channels the haunting, ethereal tone of Emmylou Harris, it’s hard to believe Caitlyn Smith has spent most of her Nashville days behind-the-scenes,” opined Rolling Stone.

“You will fall in love with Caitlyn Smith as fast as you can,” according to Pop-Dust.

And AXS exclaimed, “Powerful, affecting songs…Octave-defying vocals.”

It’s one thing to have the talent to be a star, but it’s another to have the resilience and creative vision to keep your fire flaming bright; and Smith has the musical cred and undeniable talent to accomplish both.

“I wanted to unlock my heart and dig around inside a little,” Smith said about the songs on Starfire. “And I wanted to be more vulnerable, and tell the stories I have lived. It’s more of a raw process to write for myself.”

Triple A radio and music seekers are responding with more than 10 million streams of the title track, produced by Paul Moak, it exemplifies Smith’s perseverance. Other tracks include the Matt Jenkins co-write, “Before You Called Me Baby,” which blends her soulful voice with deeply honest lyrics and instrumentation that only amplifies the organic construction; and “Tacoma,” a song she wrote with Bob DiPiero, which is devastating in both its lyrics and sheer beauty.

Because they come from such an honest place, Smith’s songs occupy a unique space that can both blossom with a full band or be stripped down into intimate, solo experiences. Hailed as one of the ‘top female vocalists’ on Billboard’s SXSW 2017 Music Discovery, Smith has an intuitive knowledge of how music can – and should – transform in a live setting. And that performance style has landed her on stages at Lollapalooza, Americana, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and the iconic Apollo Theatre.

A celebrated force in the writer’s room, the Minnesota native also had her songs cut by international icon Dolly Parton, and co-wrote the 4x-Platinum, Trainor/Legend duet “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” among many others.

Starfire is available for pre-order now:

Starfire Tracklisting:
1. Before You Called Me Baby (Caitlyn Smith/Matt Jenkins)
2.  Do You Think About Me (Caitlyn Smith/Rollie Gaalswyk/Jeremy Lardani)
3.  Starfire (Caitlyn Smith/Blair Daly/Steven Lee Olsen)
4. East Side Restaurant (Caitlyn Smith/Paul Moak/Gordie Sampson)
5. Don’t Give Up On My Love (Caitlyn Smith)
6.  This Town is Killing Me (Caitlyn Smith/Paul Moak/Gordie Sampson)
7.  St. Paul (Caitlyn Smith/Luke Dick/Troy Verges)
8.  Tacoma (Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero)
9.  Scenes From A Corner Booth At Closing Time On A Tuesday (Caitlyn Smith/Bob DiPiero)
10. Contact High (Caitlyn Smith/Sarah Buxton/Kate York)
11. House of Cards (Caitlyn Smith/Aimee Mayo)
12. Cheap Date (Caitlyn Smith/Jon Green/Gordie Sampson)

For more information on Caitlyn Smith, visit and follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @caitlynsmith.