Walker Hayes Joins Kelsea Ballerini On “The Unapologetically Tour”

Walker Hayes will be spending some time this Spring opening for Kelsea Ballerini on “The Unapologetically Tour,” which kicks off in Birmingham, Alabama on February 8th.

Hayes is eager to spend time on the road with one of his good friends and fellow artists. “She and I have written together, and so I know her personally,” Hayes says. “I’m just thrilled. I think our music, they kind of match each other with where country is going these days. She’s a great writer. I just have the utmost respect for a lot of the writers I’ve been able to go out. In my opinion, that’s where it all begins. She is so talented. Honestly, at this point in my career, album just coming out, I can’t wait to see who has gone and said, “Oh, he’s opening. I’m going to go learn his music and check it out.”

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