Walker Hayes Re-Releases ‘8Tracks’

Originally released in Summer of 2016, Walker Hayes re-releases his 8Tracks: Volume 1 and 2 on today as a thank you to his fans who have supported his entire path to success.

“I have been so fortunate to get to do things in a unique way this time around,” said Hayes. “My team has let me take risks and create music that is authentic to me – even though it might not sound like anything else. Today, we’re putting out the music that got me here. I’ll never forget the way fans’ reactions made me feel when I first put these 8Tracks out. They are homemade and they are the foundation of who I am. This is my way of saying ‘thanks’ for everyone’s support. I hope old fans are excited to hear them again and I hope new fans love them just as much.”

Not only will fans be able to access an earlier version of Hayes’ first Top 10 single “You Broke Up With Me,” but they also now can listen to some fan-favorites, like “Break The Internet” and “Lela’s Stars.”

Get ‘8Tracks’ Vol. 1 here: & Vol. 2 here: